Terms and Conditions

How to book

Book a tour with Holiday Morocco tour (“our”, “Us”) can be by phone, or online. After you confirm your tour, write down, the hostel does not drive 30% of the total cost of the trip.
Details/payment of deposit and balance will be sent to you in writing upon confirmation of availability. For group bookings (20+), booking application conditions – please contact us for details.


We give you the flexibility to either end-up the month before your trip or to balance your driver/guide. Please let us know what you prefer and we can agree on the order. The terms of the product apply from 10 or more.
For bookings made in a short time, we ask for a good hospital.

Canceled by the client

You must notify us in writing if you wish to cancel the tour and the cancellation code is valid on the date on which we expect the notice. The following charges apply upon cancellation:

Less than 8 days                   100% of the total cost Tour booked
From 8-14 days                     75% of the total cost of Tour booked
From 14-28 days                   50% of the total cost of Tour booked

Your insurance policy may cover cancellation fees, please check with your provider.

Cancellation/amendments by us

The nature of outdoor travel and adventure may mean that accidental and unexpected changes in the expected tour (for example, due to bad weather conditions or road conditions) may be necessary outside of our control. We will advise you that we do not accept any responsibility for any of these changes. If these adverse areas involve customers at additional costs, service, food, etc., the prices will bear.
We may be forced to go beyond a determination round beyond our control (“force majeure”). In this case, you have the right to recover your money less than the costs you actually incurred. No other damages will be due or payable by us. If we cancel a tour for a reason other than “Force Majeure” you will be entitled to a full refund. We reserve the right to modify our price at any time.

Travel insurance

Condition: Please bring your insurance with you, because Holiday Morocco tours has only insurance for transportation.

Identify all adventure sports,  (including but not limited to camelback trips, desert trekking, mountain trekking, horse rides, camel rides, and water sports) on your tour covered by your policy.

You pledge

You are responsible for bringing and taking care of your medicines
You must give written permission for any disability/illness, past or present, that may affect your ability to participate in a tour with us.
You accept