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olive oil

Olive Oil From Morocco

Olive oil from Morocco is considered the largest olive-producing country in the Arab world. In 2016, Morocco ranked first in the Arab world and sixth in the world, after the European Union.

olive oil from morocco

Extra virgin olive oil 

It is regarded as one of the best olive oil , with an acidity of less than 0.8 percent. It’s high in good fats and helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, it is suggested that you take it without exposing it to high heat since this can cause the formation of dangerous trans fatty acids to increase.

Olive oil

olive oil from morocco

Virgin olive oil 

This type of olive oil  is not the product of the first pressing of olives, and its acidity reaches 2%. It is not usually sold in retail stores. In theory, it is not a consumption recommendation for this oil, because it undergoes a refining process and is used to manufacture ultra-processed products, and it is a poor quality olive oil from morocco.

olive oil from morocco

Lamante olive oil 

This type of olive oil from Morocco is not the product of the first pressing of olives, and its acidity reaches 2%. It is not usually sold in retail stores. In theory, it is not recommended to consume this olive oil, because it undergoes a refining process and is used to manufacture ultra-processed products, and it is a poor quality oil.

Olive oil

olive oil from morocco

Refined olive oil 

It is one of the most common consumer olive oil and is obtained by refining lower quality oils, making it a by-product. This type of olive oil from morocco usually has a lower acidity level than the ambient olive oil, not to mention a mild flavor.

Olive oil

olive oil from morocco

Orujo oil 

To produce this lower quality variety, the remains of olives are repressed. Although the nutritional quality does not change, the flavor of this product does not make it suitable for consumption, so it is widely used in several industries. Sometimes it is mixed with other high-quality oils to make it suitable for human consumption.

Regular consumption of different types of olive oil from morocco helps to reduce inflammation levels and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, the fact that it is high in calories cannot be denied. Therefore, it should be consumed in moderation to avoid weight gain.

Olive oil from morocco of all different types is an essential part of the Mediterranean food diet. It is often recommended that extra virgin olive oil be used for its high quality.

olive oil from morocco

Health is of the great importance of Olive oil from morocco

The German Society of Nutrition confirms that olive oil from Morocco is of great importance for health, as it protects against heart disease, helps to lose weight, and solves digestion problems.

The association explained that olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that lower cholesterol. It is also rich in European, which has an antioxidant effect, protecting against heart attacks.

To be clear, unsaturated fats are better for your health, and they should be consumed as much as possible, as they are beneficial for lowering harmful cholesterol levels.

olive oil from morocco

The Heart

It also avoids the risk of cardiovascular disease, and this type of fat is divided into two parts: monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats, depending on their chemical composition.

Heart and cognitive diseases such as heart attacks and strokes are increased by saturated fats. Saturated fat is found in animal goods like red meat and dairy products like cheese, as well as whole milk, dark chocolate, butter, salmon, and egg yolks. Saturated fat is also found in some vegetable oils, including palm and olive oil from morocco.

The German company says that thanks to olive oil containing a high percentage of phenols and unsaturated fatty acids, olive oil f activates the process of fat burning, then weight loss and fitness.

In addition, olive oil is a natural lubricant that helps move food through the large intestine, which helps stimulate digestion.

Studies suggest that olive oil from morocco consumption may play a role in preventing colon and breast cancer. It may also play a role in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease through its ability to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Although most of the research has been done on the oil, eating olives as fruit can also have health benefits.





the best places in morocco


The best places to visit in Morocco; that Morocco has been rated as the best places to visit. Morocco is a beautiful country with a unique tourism landscape, and tourism in the West is characterized by its diversity, as it contains many types of tourism. Morocco is a charming country with a distinctive tourist environment, and western tourism is distinguished by its diversity as it encompasses a wide range of activities such as mountain tourism, old town tourism, religious tourism, and sports tourism. Moroccan tourism has become a worldwide attraction because of its diverse offerings. Also, the proximity of Morocco to the European Union which Morocco benefited from its position on the African continent and its opening to the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to being one of the countries of the Arab world, to be the host country for numerous Arab and international visitors. Why Visit Morocco.

Why visit Morocco

Morocco is a rich country because everyone is interested in riding a camel, seeing the camel tracks and seeing the great desert, the sand dunes, and discovering the cities like a labyrinth, drinking tea, and discovering the culture and arts

For more information on how to visit Morocco, click the link

if you would like to organize a trip to visit the best places to visit in Morocco  and all the tourist places: 

best places to visit in Morocco



The city of Fez is an integral part of the Moroccan national heritage. The city of Fez is an integral part of the Moroccan national heritage, and it is one of the best places to visit in morocco. The Fez Medina is like a maze because it has a 9000 Sterrett. It is surrounded by walls and doors. Also, Fez has the first university in the world, and it is famous for tanners leather and  Intricately carved mosques and madrasas. When you go inside Fez, you feel like you are in century 19. The old Medina is a unique experience. In Fez, you don’t need a car or bus, it’s just a guided walking tour of Fez.

The best places to visit in Fez city

    • Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque
    • Dar Al Batha Museum
    • Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts
    • Bouanania School
    • The door of bab bou-jelloud
    • The Moulay Idriss corner
    • The walls of the city of Fez
    • The North Tower & southern

fes city



The seaside city of Essaouira, often known as the City of Winds, is one of Morocco’s most important, oldest, most attractive tourist destinations.

The ancient Greeks and the Phoenix people created Essaouira. Celebrities like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley visited this seaside resort in the 1960s, adding to its allure. In Essaouira, you never know who you’ll see! Otherwise, don’t miss the Gnaoua Beach Festival, one of the most lively beach festivals on the planet.

THE BEST PLACE in essaouira


Life in Marrakech is lived on the street, and it is one of the best places to visit in Morocco:

The Medina: It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is characterized by winding streets, squares, and crowded markets. It is also famous for its unique palaces and mosques that reflect the nobility of history and civilization.

Jemaa el-Fnaa: The lively Jamaa El Fnaa square is the center of the city of Marrakech and the main square of the Medina district, Artists, storytellers, magicians, herbal and spice sellers gather, and its market is full of sounds, signs, smells, tastes.

Anima Garden It is a great place to relax and picnic, as it is characterized by the presence of many amazing landscapes, tree-shaded paths, in addition to some artworks belonging to major artists such as Picasso, Rodin, Keith Haring.

jamaa el fna best place to visit

 Best places to visit in Morocco


Before your feet carry you beyond the gates of the Deep South, you will find on your way the city of Ouarzazate, which is one of the main stops on your journey to the Sahara.


The Moroccan palace of Ait Ben Haddou is one of the best places to visit in morocco that has preserved its valuable architectural features, despite the severe erosion factors that have gone through different eras.

The presence of this palace in the middle of this flowery oasis is a wonderful sight, especially in spring, which has made it a distinctive setting for a number of international plcae in ouarzazate


With small steps you travel in time, live in the time of the Romans, participate in the Second World War, then drink coffee in honor of the Quraysh masters, to be carried by the horses of the army of Saladin in Jerusalem, then the guard comes to tell you that the time of the visit is over, in the Moroccan city of Ouarzazate, Moroccans call it the Gateway to the Sahara, and film professionals like to call it the « Hollywood of Africa » or the City of Light,best place to visit in ourzazat


Vint Oasis is one of the best places to visit in morocco, and  an ideal place to relax and enjoy the peace of the village life. You can have lunch in small guest houses, or in the shade of a palm tree. If you love nature, hiking and village life, Vint is a must-visit..

  • The main activities to do infin ouasis
  • For a walk inside the oasis.
  • Walk from the bottom of the river to the top.

Spend a night with a local family and discover the life of a Berber village.

Fint ouasis


Skoura is the best places to visit in morocco and  one of Morocco’s most beautiful and well-known oases, allowing travelers from the east and south an opportunity to relax in a cool oasis. Passing by the oasis on the national route no. 10 will not allow you to truly appreciate it; instead, you must stop wandering among its orchards. The oasis is so large that it’s easy to get lost inside, but don’t worry, it’s also home to some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. It is always good to have a guide who can explain the history of the oasis, its agricultural system and the underground irrigation system.

Tourists visit Skoura not only to visit Kasbah Amedil or one of the other famous kasbahs of the oasis, but also to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere inside the oasis, enjoy picnics under the palm trees, ride horses or simply relax by the hotel pool.SKOURA PALMERY

 Best places to visit in Morocco


the warmth of the Berbers and the breathtaking environment is a privilege.


The picturesque village of Imlil stands out as a wonderful place in the Atlas Mountains, adorned with beautiful scenery and the opportunity to climb Mount Toubkal; the highest peak in Morocco. Popular activities in the area include oxcart tours and guided tours as visitors climb to the top. Certified tour guides lead excursions suitable for most levels of experience and athletic ability; and they make sure to leave you plenty of time to contemplate the landscape and nature and discover the local foods of the region at your own pace, and it is one of the best places to visit in morocco.the best place in imlil


For centuries, the Ounila Valley served as a vital link between Marrakech and the Sahara caravan routes. The ruins of their reign can still be seen in the Kasbah of Telouet, a majestic decaying house.

The kasbah was originally a manifestation of the Glaoui family’s extraordinary wealth as the stronghold of the Glaoui family, which ran the trade routes to southern Morocco. The ceiling decorations would have taken 300 employees three years to complete. It’s easy to believe when you look at the incredible stucco plaster work and cedar inlaid ceilings.

Due to the Glaoui family’s connections with the French occupation of Morocco, Telouet Kasbah has been left to decay and is almost abandoned. See it before it’s too late.TELOUET KASBAH

 Best places to visit in Morocco



 It crosses the road of the High Atlas from the Kasbah of Alf and its picturesque landscapes, heading towards valleys and lands with a certain desert atmosphere. The kasbahs are built in adobe by the groups that make up the palace. They are true architectural gems, as they take on the color of the original soil of the place, which changes from cloudy to red, making the palaces different from each other. The Dades Strait and the Todgha provide the most beautiful specimens of this earthy architecture. In this purely desert landscape lies the palm grove of Skoura, offering travelers comfort and tranquility under hills of palm and olive trees.



The Todra Gorge is a sight to behold, and it is one of the places to visit in morocco. One of the most amazing things to do in Morocco is to visit the gigantic wall of rock that mysteriously changes color as the sun sets. Although the tourist sellers at the bottom of the canyon have tainted the experience, there are still many reasons to visit Todra.

The finest part is the fantastic half-day hike around the gorge. The trail follows the backside of the canyon walls and passes via nomad camps. It takes around 4 hours, and the views are beautiful and ever-changing. Our Todra Gorge hiking article has all the details.The Todra Gorge

 Best places to visit in Morocco



The waters of the Draa are used to irrigate the oasis palms, the small fields along the river. The inhabitants of Daraa call it Darawa. Outside the Draa region, this name is used mainly to refer to dark-skinned people.



Tinghir is a large oasis that stretches for about 30 km and is a few km wides from the source to the estuary. The city of Tinghir is famous for the Todgha Strait, which is considered one of the most important tourist sites in Morocco, as it has become a tourist destination par excellence of foreign tourists who come from all sides to enjoy its natural and cultural beauty.



A little corner of heaven. Ouzoud Falls are located in Morocco and are in the village of Tanagamlia, which is located in the High Atlas Mountains, which belongs to this village in the province of Azilal and is intended for thousands of Moroccan and foreign tourists, and also throughout the year, which is far from Rabat, which is the capital of Morocco, and is about 350 kilometers to the south and for its height Fayçal to 110 meters, and this gives its waters an aesthetic form.



When going in the desert, one of the most popular pastimes is desert camping, and you should pack camping equipment and tools in your luggage. To spend delightful evenings in the desert on summer nights, when you can hold a summer party and prepare tea over an open fire; to savor its distinct flavor.

  • Sand skating: Sandboarding is one of the most interesting and fun sports, all you need to do is climb to the top of a hill or hill and use the surfboard to get down to the bottom, but once you get down to the bottom, you will have to climb up on it by foot; A repeat experience.
  • Camping in the desert: When going in the desert, one of the most popular pastimes is desert camping, and you should pack camping equipment and tools in your luggage. To spend delightful evenings in the desert on summer nights, when you can hold a summer party and prepare tea over an open fire; to savor its distinct flavor.




The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Morocco Covid, African Cooperation, and Moroccans living abroad said in an official statement that the decision of Morocco Covid follows definite indications of the epidemic situation in Morocco and the decrease in the number of new CORONAvirus infections, particularly following the expansion of vaccination campaigns.
According to, The strategies of Morocco Covid have been classified into « A » and « B » lists, based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health Morocco Covid, and because of published official health data by who or those provided by Morocco Covid themselves through their official websites. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans living abroad said in an official statement that the decision follows definite indications of the epidemic situation in Morocco and the decrease in the number of new CORONAvirus infections, particularly following the expansion of vaccination campaigns.

Morocco has separated the world’s travelers into two lists

From The List B

Conditions for travelers that Morocco Covid made from the countries of list B.

  1. The health Morocco Covid protocol indicated the need for a permit a certificate of valid vaccination approved by the Health Ministry of Morocco certifying that the passenger has received the full dose of the vaccine at least two weeks before the trip.
  2. Provide a certificate of the negative COVID-19 PCR test, issued by a certified laboratory, assuming that no more than 48 hours have passed since the sample was collected at the time of leaving.

From The List A

Passengers from countries included in list A can enter the national territory if they have:

  • A certificate proving that the person has been fully vaccinated with one of the vaccines listed below (two weeks after the last dose required for immunity).


  • For those not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated, a Negative PCR test must be done no more than 48 hours before insertion; The Passenger health care card must be uploaded online before boarding (also distributed onboard) and filled in as required, including the passenger’s current address and two telephone numbers to allow for tracking, if necessary, within ten days.

For more information about Holiday Morocco Tours, follow the link:

How is Morocco managing the health situation?


The situation in Morocco is confirmed, according to the Ministry of Health: Morocco Covid, and the situation in Morocco is steady because the number of patients is currently declining, because the majority of Moroccans have been vaccinated, and Morocco will progressively open its doors to everyone.

For more information, on how the policy of Ministry organizing follow the link:

The protocol used by Morocco covid and  health requirements

The protocols that Morocco covid takes are for travelers who will be going to Morocco, and Morocco Covid has given the advice to keep you and your family safe. Here we provide tips to prevent infection, coming from several sources such as the World Health Organization.

General advice of Morocco covid for prevention

  1. Clean the hands thoroughly and regularly rub them with an alcoholic hand disinfectant or wash them with soap and water.
  2. Retain a one-meter distance between you and anyone who coughs or sneezes.
  3. Avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth, because the hand touches many surfaces and can pick up viruses, and if contaminated it may transmit the virus that can enter the body through these ports and make you sick.
  4. Cover the mouth and nose with a folded elbow or a paper napkin when coughing or sneezing, and then dispose of the used handkerchief immediately.
  5. Stay at home if the person feels sick.
  1. If a person has fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, medical attention must be sought.

The best contacts which are high effectiveness

You must use barrier gestures in Morocco Covid to protect yourself and others during your stay. Once you arrive in Morocco, however, locals and travelers can call a hotline for information, support, security, and an emergency.

A comprehensive list of Moroccan embassies and consulates is also available to supply you with information about Morocco Covid, request documents, and make use of their diplomatic services.